How to Cite an Article in APA 7th Edition

APA 7th edition includes rules on how to cite an article that does not have a page number. Advance online publications do not have issue or volume numbers. Instead, you must include the article’s Authors, Page numbers, and Database name. Then, follow the other citation rules for this specific type of publication. In this article, we’ll cover these specific citation rules. You can also read our guide to APA 7th edition for more information on how to cite an article.


If an article has more than one author, you will need to follow the in-text citation rules. The first author should be listed as the lead author. The next nineteen authors should be listed in order, followed by the last author. The order of the co-authors is important, and you need to maintain the order of the names in the list. You can refer to the examples of citation styles listed below.

First, the title of the article should be capitalized, including any proper nouns. For journal articles, include the month and year of publication. If the date is not available, use the year of publication. If a work has more than one author, use the first author’s name with et al. in front of the last name. In cases where the first author was not the first author, include the year of publication.

Page numbers

If you have a question about how to format your reference list, the APA Manual (7th edition) has an answer. The formatting rules for the reference list require the article’s page range to be given in its full. To make a reference list that follows the APA format, include the page range of the article in the entry. You should also provide a URL for the article and the journal’s homepage.

The APA style requires in-text citations to use page numbers. If the source does not have page numbers, use the issue or volume number instead. APA style requires that you use page numbers if you are quoting from an article or a book. The author’s name should also be given as an alternative locator. This is especially important for PDFs. APA requires page numbers for both reference and in-text citations.

Database names

The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (7th edition) provides guidelines for citing articles from databases. Database names are not required for journal articles, but they are required for works with limited circulation. Examples of such works include manuscripts in preprint archives and monographs in ERIC. Journal articles do not need to include database names, as they are generally considered works of wide circulation. The database name should be followed by the year of retrieval.

When citing an article in APA 7th edition, make sure to cite the original work and not the database name. Most articles will not include issue numbers, so they will not require database names. Database names are required for works with DOIs, but not for those that do not. For print journals, cite the author by last name without library database names. Listed below are tips for citing articles from databases.

Live URLs

If you’re wondering how to cite an article in APA 7th edition, you should keep in mind that there are many differences between the two styles. While live URLs are fine in paper formats, they aren’t required. They are especially helpful in online environments. Live URLs, also known as hypertext links, are web addresses that readers can click to visit the source.

To avoid 404 errors and broken links, you must use a DOI instead. This link will direct the reader to the content. Instead of using “retrieved from” or “accessed from,” DOIs are permanent and a good choice for APA citations of webpages. In addition, the APA Publication Manual recommends using “live” blue hyperlinks in reference lists.


Making research publicly available in preprints is a popular trend among scholars. While this can give the author more control over intellectual property, it also helps their work quickly get cited. But how should you cite a preprint? The best way to cite a preprint is to include the date of its most recent posting, as this is appropriate even if you download it. Here’s how.

A preprint is a version of a journal article that has not yet been published. This version of the paper will have a DOI and be available for free online. You can cite a preprint article in the same way as a journal article. The key to correctly citing a preprint is to ensure that you acknowledge the author and their affiliation. Using a preprint server will help you do this.

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