How to Cite Newspaper Articles – APA 7th Edition

There are several different ways to cite newspaper articles. These include using a DOI (Digital object identifier), using the article title, or citing a library database. This article explains the process of citing newspaper articles using APA 7th edition. Here are a few examples. The first method is the most commonly used. The following examples use the DOI and the article title.

APA 7th edition

The APA 7th edition format for citing newspaper articles follows a simple structure, with the author’s last name, the article title, and page number. Newspaper articles are a great source of information. Many newspapers publish articles on a wide range of topics, from political events to crime, sports, and society. To cite newspaper articles correctly, you need to include the author’s last name, the date the article was published, and the name of the newspaper. If the newspaper has a web site, you can also include the URL.

When citing a newspaper article, you should include the author’s name and first and last initials, followed by an ampersand, if the article is written by more than one person. The year, month, and day of publication should also be included. If there is no author, the article title should appear first. In addition, newspapers should use headline-style capitalization. You also need to include the full article title. Capitalize the first word of the article title and subtitle.

Using a DOI

APA style requires authors to include their last name, initials, and publication year in the reference. The article’s title is written in sentence case, while the periodical’s name is run in title case. Finally, the DOI must be included after page numbers. When citing a newspaper article, it is important to note that the article may be published on more than one page. To avoid confusion, here are some tips for citing newspaper articles:

First, you must understand the difference between a DOI and a web address. A DOI is a digital object identifier, or unique alphanumeric string, assigned by the registration agency that publishes the article. This unique number enables readers to access the document they are citing. The web address may change over time, but the DOI will remain constant. The DOI will be printed with the article, usually at the bottom of the first page, beneath the title. Sometimes, the DOI is printed in the header or footer.

Using the article title

Unless the article is spread across several pages, cite the entire piece by using the article title. Include the page number and any period, if applicable. If there are more than two pages in the article, separate each page with a comma. You can also cite a single page by including the first and last page number. The first page of an article should be cited, and any subsequent pages should be cited in consecutive order.

Newspaper articles are often signed at the beginning or end. When citing an article by an unknown author, start the reference with the surname of the author, and if there is no author listed, use the title of the piece. Use “anonymous” only if the article is by a single author. The specific edition of the newspaper is also required, as the text may differ among editions.

Using a library database

If you are looking for information in a particular area of study, using a library database to cite newspaper articles can be an invaluable resource. Most databases offer full-text searching, allowing you to pinpoint specific articles from a newspaper. Some even let you view the original newspaper online, letting you read the piece as it was originally published. The Library catalog, BruKnow, can also provide valuable information. To find the article of interest, type its title into the main search box. Then, hit search and you should see your best bet right at the top of the results.

If you want to use a library database to cite newspaper articles, make sure to double-space your text. In the Reference List, you should use a hanging indent, meaning the next line should be indented 0.5 inches. The sample paper from APA has instructions for hanging indents. Be aware that newspaper articles are usually written by journalists, and they are intended for the general public. Therefore, you won’t need prior knowledge of the topic to read them properly.

Citing a URL

The APA 7th edition provides specific guidelines for citing newspaper articles. The name of the newspaper should be italicized and capitalized. If the article is available online, a period should not be included after the name of the newspaper. Alternatively, if the article does not have an author, a title should be included in the citation. In addition, APA 7 format does not require the retrieval of URLs for newspaper articles.

The first line in the text should give the date of publication. In this case, the date of the article is September 5. The next line should include the year and month. Similarly, the article title should follow. The article should be in italicized, as it appears in the print version of the newspaper. The last line of the title should contain the article’s subtitle. Italicize the page number as well.

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