How to Cite a News Article in APA 7th Edition

In APA style, the author of an article should be listed alphabetically, first name and last name initials. Do not list the author’s position, title, or rank. The name of the publication should be listed as well, but this is optional. If you are unsure, check the online article first. After that, you should use the proper format for the author’s name. If you need to cite more than one source, add the DOI and the article number to the reference.

Using an article number

In APA 7, you must include an author and page number when citing a news or magazine article. In the article itself, you should list the number and page number of the publication. Then, use a comma to separate each page number. If the article appears on more than one page, cite each page number separately. To cite a newspaper article in APA 7th edition, use its author’s last name, followed by the article’s title and page number.

APA 7th edition also requires that you include the DOI when citing an online article. While the example above assumes that the article doesn’t have a DOI, many journals now provide stable URLs. When possible, use these instead of ordinary URLs. In most cases, you’ll have to add the DOI to the end of your citation.

Using a DOI

The first step in using a DOI to cite a newspaper or news article is to find its DOI. This unique number is known as the digital object identifier and is issued by the registration agency. It provides a persistent link to a specific piece of content, such as a news article. Many people consider the DOI the most important part of the citation since it directs the reader to a particular article. For that reason, DOIs should be included in citations as URLs.

Newspaper and magazine articles are cited differently than journal articles. While journal articles generally have an issue number and may be continuously paginated, newspaper and magazine articles are cited differently. APA 7th edition advises writers to use a DOI whenever possible. If the DOI is not available, they should still use a URL. However, many academic journals offer stable URLs. These URLs are preferred over ordinary URLs.

Adding a live URL

In order to cite an online work, you must use the title of the database and its URL. Some databases require a login and session-specific URL. If the article you’re citing requires a login, replace the URL with the home page or login page of the database. You can also include the DOI if it is available. If you’re not sure whether to use a URL, consider checking the guidelines for referencing online sources.

The APA Publication Manual allows you to use URLs and DOIs as references in your document. For articles published online, APA recommends using live hyperlinks. However, you may want to use plain text hyperlinks instead. In APA 7th edition, you’ll have to change the underlying formatting. Adding a live URL will make it easier for the reader to navigate your source.

Adding an author’s name

Adding an author’s name to a news article in APA 7th edition requires you to include the newspaper and the article’s title in your reference page. Adding an author’s name to a news article reflects the author’s perspective on the source. Newspapers have long been a good source for news and information. Many students and researchers cite newspaper articles in their papers as they use these articles to validate their ideas and arguments. In APA 7th edition, however, you must add an author’s name, the title of the article, and the newspaper’s URL.

When citing a news article, you should include the author’s first name and last name, followed by an ellipsis (…). Similarly, if the author is anonymous, you should cite the article’s full name in the reference list. If the article was not published in a traditional journal, you must include the name of the publisher, the journal, and the date when the news article was published.

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